Symposium attendees will be responsible for securing their own accommodations for the duration of the event. We recommend the following hotels for FM11 attendees:

Times Hotel (map location)

Mulia Hotel (map location)

Wafa Hotel (map location)

Campus based accommodations at the UBD Core (map location) are also available (limited spaces on a first come, first serve basis) @ BND 45.00 per night.

Please specify if you are booking with any of the recommended hotels (or the Core) above in your online registration form, as participants of FM11 may be elligible for additional discounts when booking these rooms (subject to availability). We will inform you of your successful hotel booking via UBD around mid-April 2019.


For more accommodations, see the following  locations (zoom in on these locations, and all nearby accommodations for rent will appear in a pink font with a bed symbol):

Location 1

Location 2

Location 3


Since it can be difficult to hail buses or taxis, it is recommended for attendees to arrange something with their respective hotels prior to the event, or even to get the handphone numbers of taxis at the airport before leaving.

However please find the list of Bruneian taxi information (driver name, car licence plate number, car model, contact number) for your convenience in the event that you need to arrange your own transportation: