Post Conference Field Trips to the Bukit Teraja Protection Forest

Either: Teraja Waterfall Ecotrail

This day trip to the Teraja Waterfalls is an introduction to the diversity of forest types and the plants and animals in Western Brunei. The trail is of medium difficulty and leads through lowland mixed-dipterocarp rainforest to a series of waterfalls. Includes snacks, lunch, transfers, visit to the Teraja longhouse, and expert guides.


The Teraja area holds various habitats: peat swamps, ridges, rocky areas, rivers and spectacular waterfalls



Or: Teraja Mini-Expedition

Experience the cultural and natural wonders of the Bukit Teraja Protection Forest in Western Brunei. Explore the mosaic of peatswamp and rainforest habitats and their ecotones under the guidance of forest experts from the Bruneian Forestry Department. Hear the calls of the Argus pheasant, search for medicinal plants, and learn about the unusual lives of carnivorous pitcher plants.  Climb to the top of Bukit Teraja to enjoy the view of the surrounding landscape. Stay overnight at the Teraja longhouse and engage with the local community to learn about their customs and traditional livelihoods. Includes snacks, meals, transfers, two nights at Teraja longhouse, and expert guides.


Researchers value Teraja as it has great potential for more discoveries


Several new species of endemic plants have been described from the area


Pictures credit: Dr. Ulmar Grafe