Keynote Speakers



Professor Datuk Osman Bakar

Distinguished Professor

Sultan Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Centre for Islamic Studies (SOASCIS) Universiti Brunei Darussalam

Professor Datuk Dr Osman Bakar was appointed Chair Professor at SOASCIS, UBD on 5th September, 2012 and its first full-time Director on 1st January, 2013. A former mathematician, he earned a doctorate in Islamic philosophy from Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. An Emeritus Professor of Philosophy of Science at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, he was also its former Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) (1995-2000), Malaysia Chair of Southeast Asian Islam (2000-2005) at the Prince Talal al-Waleed Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University, Washington DC, Professor of Islamic Thought and Civilisation at ISTAC, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) (2005-2008), and Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO), International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies, Malaysia (IAIS) (2008-2012).

A Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Department of History of Science, Harvard University (1992), Dr Bakar is an author of 18 books and more than 300 articles on various aspects of Islamic thought and civilization, particularly Islamic science and philosophy and Islam in Southeast Asia. Several of his writings have been translated into numerous languages, including Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, Persian, Indonesian Malay, Urdu, and Bosnian. He was a member of the Council of 100 Leaders of the West-Islamic World Initiative for Dialogue founded by the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland. In 2009 he was included in the list of Malaysia’s twenty leading intellectuals and in 2010 and 2012 he was named among the 500 most influential Muslims in the world. In 1994, he was made a Dato’ by HH the Sultan of Pahang, and in 2000 a Datuk by DYMM the Malaysian King.




Professor Lytton Musselman

Professor of Botany

Old Dominion University, USA

Professor Lytton John Musselman  earned a Ph.D. in botany from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and was chair of the Department of Biological Sciences at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, where he holds the Mary Payne Hogan Chair of Botany and manages the university’s Blackwater Ecologic Preserve. His most recent books are Plants of the Chesapeake Bay with David Knepper and The Quick Guide to Edible Plants with Harold Wiggins (both from the Johns Hopkins University Press). He has lived and worked in several Mediterranean countries studying plants of the Bible and Qur’an. His books on these plants include Figs, Dates, Laurel, and Myrrh (Timber Press) and A Dictionary of Bible Plants (Cambridge University Press).




Dr. Mohammed Iqtedar Husain Farooqi

Former Deputy Director of National Botanical Research Institute

Lucknow, India

Dr. Farooqi is the author of several books and more than hundred articles in Urdu, Hindi and English on science subjects of common interest like environment, modern technology, medicinal plants, economic plants, Islamic Science and Prophetic Medicine. His book ‘Plants of the Quran’ and its Urdu version ‘Nabatate-Quran’, have been acclaimed internationally by Muslim scholars and Ulema. ‘Plants of the Quran’, has been translated and published in several languages including Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Kannada, Malayalam, and Bhasha (Indonesian) by several Islamic organizations.

Dr. Farooqi has authored another important book entitled as ‘’Medicinal Plants in the Traditions ofProphet Muhammad.’’.These books, including ‘Plants of the Quran’ have beenextensively reviewed by the leading Newspapers and Magazines of India and abroad including‘Economic Botany’ of New York; ‘Islamic Review’, U.K.; ‘Minar al-Islam’, U.A.E; ‘Mimosasae Journal’,France; ‘International Journal of Enthnobotany’, ‘Ajkal’, New Delhi; ‘Siyasat’ Hyderabad, ‘ScienceReporter’, New Delhi, ‘Nai Duniya’, New Delhi, ‘Qaumi Awaz’, Lucknow, ‘Urdu Times’, Mumbai etc. Dr Farooqi is the recipient of several Awards from Academies and Scientific and Social Organizations and was  honoured by Sultan Qaboos bin Said, King of Oman, by an award of 25 thousand US Dollars (Rs 12 lakhs) in appreciation of his work on Plants of Quran and Plants of Prophetic Medicine.




Professor Zhari Ismail

Professor in Pharmaceuticals

Universiti Sains Malaysia

Professor Dr. Zhari Ismail was pivotal in the formulation of anti-obesity, weight loss supplement prototype. Universiti Sains Malay­sia researchers have successfully created a prototype weight loss supplement using the Kacip Fatimah (Labisia pumila Benth. & Hook. F) herb. The prototype, named Labeesity, even won the gold award at the Malaysia Technology Expo.