Payment Guideline

Once an applicant’s registration and abstract has been received, our team will provide that applicant with a payment link via email. Through that link, applicants will be brought to a page that contains a list of all payable items  related to FM11. The page should look like this:


Applicants need only to check the box next to the items relevant to them (e.g. payment for non-ASEAN students, payment for dinner ticket, etc.) and then proceed by clicking the red “PAY” button. Unfortunately due to  the inherent nature of the payment system, applicants will only be able to pay for one item at a time (e.g. a professor from the UK who wishes to attend the dinner would need to do two transactions: one for registration as a non-ASEAN Standard applicant, and another for the FM11 Symposium dinner). We apologize for this inconvenience.

*Please note that applicants do NOT need to login or register to make a payment.

Once applicants click on the “PAY” button, they will be redirected to a page asking for applicant name and email:


Once applicants are happy with these details, clicking the “Process (BANK)” button will bring up the payment page where applicants will be asked for their card details:




Once the details have been entered correctly, and the payment processed, you will be sent to a confirmation page containing the link to the receipt (a copy of which will also be sent to your indicated email):


Please take a screenshot of this receipt and send it to the admin team at Once you have done so, our admin team will then confirm the successful receipt of your payment, and your application to FM11 is complete.