Ethno_Notification & Payment

All completed registration forms and abstract submissions are bulk-processed monthly. At the beginning of each month the conference’s scientific committee will begin processing all pending applications and submitted material, and all potential participants will be notified whether their registration is successful in roughly 3-4 weeks.

Payment can only be made by potential participants who have received their confirmation emails stating that their registration is successful. The confirmation email will contain the payment options link/URL, which can be used to access the payment options. Please see the guidelines below regarding the payment procedure:

  • After accessing the payment link in their confirmation email, potential participants will then have to complete a one-time registration in order to continue;
  • Once registered, potential participants can then sign-in to access the payment options, and hence complete their payment* and registration to the symposium;
  • Once the payment is verified, the potential participant will become a confirmed participant and get notification confirming their status. Please be aware that this notification is not instantaneous, and may take some time.

*Please note that any potential bank charges incurred must be cleared by the participant, otherwise payment will be considered incomplete.