Post-symposium Excursions

* Post conference trip charges are NOT included in the conference fees. Participants who wish to participate in the above events will have to pay an additional fee. This fee is to be paid in cash anytime over the course of the symposium before the post-symposium events. To register, simply specify which of the post-conference trips you are interested in joining when filling in your online registration form.


  • Day trip to KBFSC

The Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre (KBFSC) was established during a joint expedition of the Royal Geographical Society (RGS), London, and Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD), in the early 1990s. During the launching expedition, 74 scientists of various specialisations have conducted research at the KBFSC. Brunei Darussalam is home to some of the most diverse and species-rich forests on earth. Recent research findings by the scientists attached to the KBFSC indicate that there are still plant and animal species waiting to be discovered in the Belalong forest. The behavior and ecological roles of the majority of species reported in this forest remain completely unknown. The core mission of the KBFSC is to generate, describe and disseminate knowledge in Science and Education related to the vast diversity of Brunei’s tropical rainforests, including all the varied life forms and ecosystem processes. The daytrip to KBFSC costs BND 100.00, and is able to accommodate 25 participants.


  • Selirong Mangrove forest

Pulau Selirong is located about an hour away from Muara port by boat, and houses 2,566 ha of pristine mangrove forests. The island is home to rich biodiversity of mammals (such as flying lemurs), colourful resident and migratory birds, reptiles, fishes, and crustaceans. Visitors will be able to experience the Selirong island through the set-up boardwalks, berths, platforms, and observation towers. The Pulau Selirong trip costs BND 60.00, and is able to accommodate 15 participants.


  • Tasek Merimbun

Brunei’s largest natural lake is made up of two rivers: Sungai Meluncur and Sungai Bang Oncom, which flow through peat forests and empty into the lake, giving the lake its characteristic black colour. Supporting a large a variety of wildlife, Tasek Merimbun was designated a national conservation area and ASEAN heritage park in 1984 due to its “ecological completeness”. The 7,800 ha nature park contains a Heritage Centre detailing the lake’s history, local flora and fauna, etc. as well as a butterfly enclosure among other attractions. The Tasek Merimbun trip costs BND 60.00, and is able to accommodate 100 participants.