Presentation & e-Poster

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations will take place according to the Congress schedule, in IHS Extension Building, UBD.


Presentation File Requirements

All presentations must be prepared in English (British/American).

Oral presentations should be prepared in digital format that is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or later versions for Windows.

All presenters are required to save their presentation files on a USB device label them in the following format: Day_Session number_Presentation number_ABS code.ppt/.pptx (mandatory).

All presenter are strongly advised to check their presentation files on desktop/laptop devices other than their own to ensure the file compatibility.

All presenters are encouraged to have a .pdf backup version of their presentation file, in the unexpected case that there is such a file incompatibility that cannot be solved in other way.


Oral Presentation File Submission Guidelines

All presenters must submit their presentation files saved according to the above requirements at least 24 hour prior to their presentation to the ICES 2017 AV Technician. By exception, the delegates presenting on Wednesday 15 November 2017 are able to submit their files between 8.30 - 10.00 am.

All participants that have completed their payment by Monday 21 of October 2017 are eligible to submit their .ppt/.pptx files online latest by Monday 13 November 2017 and skip the above step. In case you wish to submit your presentation file online please contact at for instructions.

Upon the digital file submission, the presenters are not entitled to proceed in changes and resubmit their presentation unless requested by the AV Technician for compatibility reasons.

The presenters will be delivering their oral presentation using exclusively the ICES 2017 PC and they are not entitled to connect their personal laptops to the LCD projector as it will interrupt the session flow.

All presentations must be given in English.


Presentation Guidelines & Etiquette

All presenters are expected to arrive at their assigned Lecture Theatre or Seminar Room at least 15 minutes before the respective first presentation begins.

The talks will last 20 minutes each, but all presenters are highly encouraged to complete their presentations after 15 minutes, in order give time for potential questions or discussion.

The chairperson of each session will give a first notification after 12 minutes and a second notification after 15 minutes. A final warning will be given after 19 minutes and on exactly 20 minutes of talk any presentation that has not been completed will be interrupted to ensure the session will run smoothly and on time.

Attendees that will be interrogating the presenters are kindly advised to keep their questions as sort as possible in order to give time for other questions.

Presenters are strongly encouraged to summarise their answers to the minimum possible as a respect to the next presenter’s time.

ICES 2017 are not responsible for any damage or loss of participants laptop or other personal material for the duration of the Congress.


Poster & ePoster Presentations

Poster & ePoster presentations will take place according to the Congress schedule in Seminar Room 3, IHS Extension Building, UBD.

Poster Requirements

Posters & ePosters must be prepared in English (British/American).

Posters & ePosters size should be up to A0 (841 x 1189 mm or 33.1 x 46.8 in), Portrait Orientation.


Poster & ePoster Presentation Guidelines & Etiquette

Posters will be hanged with the assistance of the ICES volunteers responsible for this post. Appropriate adhesive material will be provided on the spot.

ePosters will be printed and hanged by the ICES volunteers responsible for this post.

Posters & ePosters will need to remain on display during the full time of the respective session.

ICES 2017 are not responsible for any damage or loss of participants Posters & ePosters during the duration of display.

ePosters will be handled according to ICES discretion after the Congress is over. ePosters delivery to authors will be feasible only in case the author prepays the packing and shipping cost of this process.