Instructions for Oral Presentation

Before Congress

All delegates MUST have registered and made full payment for ICES 2019.

Slides Presentation

  • Language: All oral presentations MUST be written and delivered in English (British or American)
  • File Format: The file should be in Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF (as backup) are the ONLY accepted formats for oral presentation. All file must be compatible with Windows operating system.
  • Slide Size:  The slide size should be in 4:3 format.
  • Fonts: It is highly recommended to use ONLY the basic font styles available in Microsoft Office / Windows. Use of fonts that are not available can lead to words that bleed into graphics or bullets that may be the wrong style.
  • File Naming: All presenters are required to save their presentation file and ensure to label them in the following format: Day_Session Number_Presentation Number_Abstract ID.ppt/.pptx
  • Storage Device: All presenters are advised to save their files in a USB device, all files must reside in the same folder. Be sure to bring your presentation files in USB device to the venue as a backup in case of an emergency.

Presentation Submission

  • All presenters MUST submit their presentation file at least 24 hours prior to their presentation day to the ICES 2019 AV Technician.
  • By exception, only for presenters who are presenting on Monday, 18th November 2019 may submit their files between 8.30 – 10.00 am.
  • All presenters may also submit their final presentation files online latest by Saturday 16th November 2019 and skip the above step.
  • If you wish to submit your presentation file online please contact ICES 2019 Secretariat for further instructions.
  • All presenters are not allowed to make any changes and/or resubmit their presentation unless requested by the AV Technician for compatibility reasons.

At the Congress

  • All presenters are not allowed to use their own computers, as it will interrupt the session flow. All electronic projection equipment will be provided.
  • There will not be any Apple Mac equipment available, only Windows equipment.
  • Arrival time: All presenters are expected to arrive at their assigned venue at least 15 minutes before the respective first presentation of the session begins.
  • Duration: All oral presenters will be given up to 20 minutes, that is 15 minutes talk + 5 minutes for potential questions/discussion.
  • Notification: The chairperson of each session will give several notifications:
    – First notification after 11 minutes,
    – Second notification after 13 minutes,
    – Final notification will be given after 14 minutes and on exactly 15 minutes of talk any presentation that has not been completed will be interrupted to ensure the session will run smoothly and on time.
  • Attendees that will be asking the presenters are kindly advised to keep their questions as short as possible, in order to give time for other questions.
  • Presenters are strongly encouraged to summarise their answers to the minimum possible as a respect to the next presenter’s time.
  • ICES 2019 are not responsible for any damage or loss of participants’ laptop or other personal belongings for the duration of the Congress.

Instructions for Poster & ePoster Presentation

Poster Format

  • Language: All posters MUST be prepared in English (British or American)
  • Size: Poster size must not exceed 160 x 60 cm
  • Font Size: All texts size should be a minimum of 16 points to ensure readability at a distance.
  • Orientation: All posters must be in portrait orientation.
  • Both regular and ePosters should be sent to ICES secretariat before the 5th November 2019  in an electronic version saved as a PDF file format. The Posters may include text, figures, charts, tables and images but does NOT include any links, video graphics or animation. All Posters will be printed as X-banners by ICES 2019 and the participants may collect the full set (including the stand) after the Congress as a complimentary souvenir. Please note that ePoster presenters who wish to receive their sets must bear the shipping cost.
  • Content: The presentation must cover the same as material as abstract that have been double blind peer review and accepted by ICES 2019.

Poster Submission

Poster presenters are required to submit their printed poster at the registration counter.

ePoster presenters are required to submit their poster in PDF file format by replying to ICES 2019 Secretariat’s Abstract Status email, which you will receive if your abstract has been accepted.

Poster Presentation

  • All posters will be placed at the venue hall/space throughout the Congress Days.

  • All posters will be printed as X-banners and will be placed by the ICES 2019 volunteers at the dedicated venue. In order to fit the stand, your poster should not exceed the recommended size 160 x 60 cm size in portrait orientation.

  • Poster authors / presenters are expected to be present by their posters during the Poster session to present their work and answer all questions.

  • ePosters delivery to authors will be feasible only in case the author prepays the packing and shipping cost of this process. If the ePosters are not requested from the authors they will be handled according to ICES 2019 discretion after the Congress is over.

  • ICES 2019 are not responsible for any damage or loss of participants’ Posters and ePosters during the duration of display.


ICES 2019 Secretariat