Join Us For A Field Trip!

Join Us For A Field Trip!

The Chairpersons and the Organising Committee of the 2nd International Congress on Earth Sciences in SE Asia have the pleasure to invite all registered participants to the following field trip.

Field Trip Fee: SGD 80
Minimum no. of participants: 10
Maximum no. of participants: 30

This will be on a first come first serve basis!

All participants must have an insurance which covers basic health coverage, personal liability coverage and accident coverage. 

Kindly please provide us a copy of your insurance to the Registration Counter upon your arrival.

Fieldtrip Itinerary

Batur Geopark Museum

The Batur Geopark Museum is full with  information on Batur volcano and volcanoes in general in Indonesia. And you will get the chance to get into Batur volcano observation post!

Penelokan View Point

Enjoy the panorama of Batur Volcano, Caldera I & II and the lake!

Geosite Lava Forest

The wilderness of Mt Batur lava can be observed. This was formed due to eruption of Mt Batur in 1888. Several features of lava can be observed such as lava tumuli, crust, aa and pillars.

Geosite Lava Tumuli

More lava tumuli can be observed around this area. That has unique and distinctive morphology and formations which are formed by the process of pushing and accumulating pillow lava.

Geosite Lava Cave

This lava cave stretches from NE-SW which estimated about 25 meters long. There are more than 3 lava caves formed at this area.

Ulun Danu Batur Temple

The beauty of Lake Batur and its iconic temple. So worthwhile that one should experience it! 


ICES 2019 Secretariat