Interesting Places

Kampong Ayer

Also known as the “Water Village”, and has been one of the top tourist attractions in Brunei with 42 stilt villages built along the Brunei River (Sungai Brunei). Antonio Pigafetta dubbed it the "Venice of the East". To get across the river, just stand somewhere a water taxi can dock and flag one down (the fare is B$1).

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin (SOAS) Mosque

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin (SOAS) Mosque was built on an artificial lagoon on the banks of the river -more attraction than a place of worship. Imported Italian marble pillars and floor, granite from Shanghai, crystal chandeliers from England, ornate carpets from Saudi Arabia and a main dome of pure gold. It is among the largest Mosques in SE Asia and has been declared by most to be the most beautiful and fantastic mosque in the region.


Royal Regalia

The building – truthfully, more of a museum – houses exhibits to illustrate the important upbringing, education, marriage, travels, coronation and subsequent rule of the current Bruneian Head of State. Replicas of His throne, various crowns, gowns, weapons and splendid examples of tributes offered to the Sultan are also being exhibited here. A stop at the Royal Regalia Building is necessary to comprehend the absolute monarchy that rules in the tiny sultanate

Jerudong Park Playground

Jerudong Park Playground completely revamped in 2014 with new attractions – in neatly manicured grounds – including a carousel, bumper cars, paddle boat, junior roller coaster and an immaculate mini golf course. The entrance fee covers unlimited rides and admission to a mini water park (women and men must wear shorts and t-shirts or the equivalent, even in the water). The Musical Dancing Fountain is the highlight of the Park and still one of the best in Asia.

Brunei Museum

Brunei Museum was established in 1965 and officially opened on 29 February 1972 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of United Kingdom. Its unique ornate engraving and patterns are based on traditional Malay designs inspired by the Tomb of Sultan Bolkiah, the Fifth Ruler of the Brunei Sultanate. Visitors can see a collection of Brunei's famous ceremonial cannons, known as bedil, some with barrels shaped like dragon heads. Apart from oil, these bronze-cast weapons were once the source of the sultanate's wealth and power.

Agro-Technology Park

Agro-Technology Park is located in 500 hectares just 18 minutes’ drive from Bandar Seri Begawan. It has become a big hit among plants and landscape enthusiasts due to its greenhouse and beautiful manmade landscapes. The park features not only plants but animals as well, so it’s like going to a “zoo” in a “botanical garden” setting.  Entrance is free and you can choose to take in the scenery by riding a buggy or a bus, which are all provided for.

Bukit Shahbandar Recreational Park

Bukit Shahbandar Recreational Park is located at Jerudong area, along the Muara - Tutong highway, is about 20 Minutes drive from the capital. It is set in 70 hectares of undulating landscape providing a challenge for even the most dedicated joggers, hikers and bikers. An observation tower gives a bird`s eye view over the whole terrain.

Berakas Forest Recreational Park

Berakas Forest Recreational Park is a beach in Brunei Darussalam that you would love to pay a visit to. This beach is like spot on to perfection, surrounded with its protected forests, so well maintained and immaculate. It is uncluttered and everything looks pure and clean from the skies to the waters.

Pasar Malam (Night Market)

Pasar Malam (Night Market) has been Brunei's most popular night market. Vivid lights in the Gadong Area certainly lure locals and tourists. From traditional delicacies to modern foods, this night market is such an ideal place for you food lovers out there.

Tasek Merimbun

Tasek Merimbun is the largest lake in Brunei Darussalam, located in Mukim Rambai in Tutong District. The S-shaped lake is located 27 km from Tutong Town and it is surrounded by the 7800-hectare Tasek Merimbun Heritage Park. The lake supports a rich variety of fauna including birds, mammals and reptiles. Visitors can hire a boat to take them around to explore the lake and its two islands.

Tasek Lama

Tasek Lama is one of the oldest recreational parks of Brunei Darussalam located in the midst of the capital city. The park, with its serene tranquility, is a heaven for jungle trekking enthusiasts, adventurers or those simply wanting to take a relaxing stroll amidst peaceful surroundings. There is a trail that leads to a natural waterfall and a lake, as well as an 8-metre wall for avid rock climbers.

Damuan Recreational Park

Damuan Recreational Park is a kilometer long park which runs along the riverside just beyond the palace and it is an ideal place for a walk or morning run. Within the park, vistors can admire sculptures from each of the 10 ASEAN Nations.

Brunei History Centre

Brunei History Centre is located next to the building containing the Royal Regalia Museum is a more humble (white) residential type abode housing the Brunei History Center. Established in 1982, the center is briefed to research the history of Brunei, which indirectly would mean the history of the monarchy.

Brunei Proboscis Monkey River Safari

Brunei Proboscis Monkey River Safari is a must to visitors of Brunei Darussalam. Morning or afternoon cruises along the rivers and creeks of Brunei - experience the mangrove ecosystem in go in search of proboscis monkeys and other wildlife. See mudskippers hopping on the river banks. kingfishers plunging into the water to catch small fish. White egrets and night herons are also commonly sighted during this tour. Cruise the mangroves in search of the rare and endangered proboscis monkey which usually comes near to the water’s edge in the early morning and at dusk time.

Kianggeh Market

Kianggeh Market was established in the 1960s, providing its customers with the freshest local produce. Amulets, traditional handicrafts are also being sold in the "wet" market.

Brunei’s Arts and Handicrafts Centre

Brunei’s Arts and Handicrafts Centre is the landmark in the history of the development of Brunei arts and handicrafts. You can find the tradition of fine arts and crafts stretches back more than five hundred years of Brunei’s history. Traditional Arts, including silver smiting, brassware and bronze ware, basket making, wood carving and Brunei, oldest industry, "kain tenunan", are still handicrafted by skilled artisans and sold through government agencies and private enterprise within the country.

More information about tourist attractions in Brunei Darussalam can be obtained from Brunei Tourism and TripAdvisor.


Taman Mahkota Jubli Emas

One should never miss the opportunity to witness the amazing architecture of the Sungai Kedayan Eco-Corridor when touring around the country. The park is known to be a symbol of the Golden Jubilee Celebration of His Majesty the Sultan & Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam.

It is wedged in between the two historical landmarks of Brunei ; Kampong Ayer and the Sultan Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien mosque.

This 12-hectare park has been completed with lawns, bright tulips and baobab tress. It has been said that the park is an urban redevelopment that is part of ambitious plans to revitalise the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan.