Make a Payment

 1 Visit website


2 Fill out Registration form for an account by clicking "Register". If you have already registered for an account, proceed to "Login".

It is a must to do the following field:

Username – Please provide your ICES Registration ID and full name. e.g. REG_XX [FULL NAME]

Login ID – Please use the same email address in your ICES Registration.




4 Search for “FOS” in the list of payable item.

e.g. FOS – Geology Conference Professional (early bird)


5 Select the correct payment category for yourself by ticking the box and click Pay.


6 Confirm the amount of payment for category you chose in the previous step and proceed.


7 Choose and complete your Credit Card payment securely using SSL+ redirection to VISA, American Express and MasterCard by clicking on the card logo.