Training of Geology staff on a new XRF in Shanghai, China


Geological Sciences at FOS, UBD recently procured a new X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) instrument which enables their researchers to carry out elaborate whole-rock geochemical analyses. As part of the supplier’s obligation for the instrument procurement, staff from the Geological Sciences section visited the premises of Skyray Instrument in Shanghai, China, to receive appropriate training.

The UBD representatives comprised of Dr. Basilios Tsikouras (Programme Leader of Physical and Geological Sciences), Madam Lim Yiong Khium (Chief Laboratory Technician) and Mr. Mohammad Yameany bin Haji Rosli (Laboratory Assistant), and were accompanied my Mrs Eunice Low as the representative of the local supplier. The team attended theoretical and hands-on training on the instrumentation. They had a great experience visiting the facilities of Skyray Instrument, as they were updated on the most recent and advanced methods of instrumental analysis. They were also updated on the new developments of the principles of operation of the X-Ray fluorescence and its application on rock, mineral and other materials analysis. They also acquainted themselves with the preparation of the samples, the construction of the standards, as well as with the calibration and efficient operation of the Skyray XRF Analyser.

The new XRF spectrometer is located in the new Laboratory of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry, in the 3rd floor of Block B, at the Integrated Sciences Building and will soon be ready to provide services to anyone interested in obtaining chemical analyses. It is an instrument that can provide quality analyses of any solid material and hence it can be employed for both scientific and commercial purposes including environmental, technical, construction and quality control objectives.

The UBD Geology Team at the entrance of the Skyray Instrument Company. Left to right: Mohammad Yameany bin Haji Rosli, Lim Yiong Khium, Eunice Low and Basilios Tsikouras

The UBD Team during the presentation and update of the analytical instrumentation of the company

A break from training in the Skyray Instrument. Left to right: Basilios Tsikouras, Mohammad Yameany bin Haji Rosli, Lim Yiong Khium, Qin Zhili (the company trainer) and Eunice Low