Research Visit to the National Core House , Wellington, New Zealand


PhD researcher, AKM Eahsanul Haque from the Physical and Geological Sciences Programme at FoS, UBD has been exploring complex subsurface puzzles that lie beneath the largest gas field of New Zealand, Maui Gas-Condensate Field. In pursuit of solving the geological riddle, he travelled to the National Core House located 65 km North-East of Wellington, New Zealand during September-October 2016. While working at the Core House, he extensively studied the rock core cuttings collected from Maui Field. His doctoral research particularly focuses on assessing the reservoir quality and ways to improve volumetric reserve of the gas field. As part of that, he had to work on core samples, photograph reservoir sections of the core slabs and subsequently describe the lithology and possible depositional environment of the formation (i.e., Mangahewa) responsible for producing hydrocarbon.

This research work aims to develop a comprehensive geocellular model of the Maui Gas-Condensate Field that could potentially explain all possible geological mechanisms of a hydrocarbon field. Further studies on the collected core cuttings will enhance our understanding of the possible facies and petrophysical aspects within the Mangahewa reservoir of the Maui Gas -Condensate Field. Recently AKM Eahsanul Haque has published a 3D Structural Modeling paper in one of the top ranked (10th) Earth and Planetary Sciences category journal titled, Petroleum Exploration and Development (SJR 2.236, IF 2.36) in volume 43, Issue 6. This paper, for the first time, explains tectonic mechanisms that worked on the Maui Gas-Condensate Field and its implications on drilling and production scenarios of the field.

This research work is generously supported by Graduate Research Scholarship (GRS), UBD. The researcher would like to express his gratitude to his Principal Supervisor Dr. Aminul Islam, Co-Supervisor Dr. Mohamed Ragab Shalaby and the Programme Leader Dr Basilios Tsikouras for their all-round support throughout the doctoral research. Special Thanks to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), Mr. Ian Della Torre and Mr. Daniel Willmott for their technical assistance during this research trip to New Zealand.

While working on the core slabs of the Maui Gas-Condensate Field, New Zealand

During Photographing of the Core Slabs for further analyses of Mangahewa Reservoir, Maui Gas-Condensate Field, New Zealand

During field-visit to outcrops in Wellington, New Zealand

Thanks to the Manager of the National Core House, Wellington for his splendid support