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SP1201 Basic Experimental Skills in Physics

 Module Outline (GenNext Programme)

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Module Title

Basic Experimental Skills in Physics

Type of Module

Major Core

Modular Credits


Student Workload &
Contact hours for timetabling            

8-10 hours/week
1 x 4-hours/week




This module is compulsory for students intending to major in Applied Physics. It is also suitable for students who are interested in hands-on explorations and self-learning of basic skills useful in experimental and laboratory work.This module aims to expose students to the basic laboratory skills and methods of data analysis in experimental physics.
Module Contents:
Basic electronics: identification of electronic components, use of digital multimeters, connection of basic electrical components, soldering; familiarization with common tools, e.g. wire strippers, screw-drivers; exploring the principles of the vernier callipers; use of computers for graph-plotting and data treatment; analysis of uncertainties in measurements; study of optical components; use of the traditional cathode-ray-tube oscilloscope and the modern computer oscilloscope.


Examination:   None

Coursework:   100%


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