FOS researcher publishes Immunosensors book

Edited by Dr. Minhaz Uddin Ahmed, a Senior Assistant Professor from the Chemical Sciences Programme, Professor Mohammed Zourob, from Alfaisal University, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Professor Eiichi Tamiya from Osaka University, Japan and with contributions from a list of world-renowned scientists, this immunosensor book is a compilation of recent advances in several areas of immunosensors for multiple target analysis using laboratory based or point-of-care set-up.

Immunosensors are widely used and are particularly important for fast diagnosis of diseases in remote environments as well as in point-of-care devices. Filling a gap in the literature, the book showcases the multidisciplinary, innovative developments in this highly important area and provides pointers toward commercialization, as well as providing a comprehensive and up to date understanding of the field for graduate students and professional researchers using state-of-the-art detection technologies. These detection technologies are currently being applied in many fields and to address many current issues, including applications in medicine, food and the environment. Emphasis is given to the detection of chemicals and biochemical species and in a quantitative fashion. The book is available to purchase in major bookstores worldwide along with Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites.