Geological Sciences Programme staff and students co-organised 2nd International Congress on Earth Sciences in SouthEast Asia (ICES 2019) in Bali


The UBD Organising Committee, Secretariat and volunteers of the 2nd International Congress on Earth Sciences in SE Asia (ICES 2019) returned from Bali after the great success of the Congress that took place 18-20 November 2019. UBD in partnership with Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia jointly organised ICES 2019 aiming to raise its international character. The event took place in Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa in Bali of the BIA, a venue carefully selected by the organisers, in order to keep an active link with Brunei Darussalam, where the idea of an international congress for Geoscientists was initially conceived. During the event, more than 250 participants from 18 different countries presented their work on the emerging trends in Geosciences, marking a 28% increase of the overall participants in comparison to the previous event.

The plenary speakers and co-chairs of ICES 2019. L to R: Eleonora Agustine (Padjadjaran), Luca Bindi (Florence), Amy Gough (Royal Holloway), Federica Zaccarini (Leoben), Giorgio Garuti (Leoben), Robert Hall (Royal Holloway), Associate Professor Dr. Basilios Tsikouras (Geological Sciences Programme, FOS, UBD)

High-calibre keynote speakers from the UK, Austria, Italy and Philippines engaged the academic audience, and showcased world-leading research in some of the most critical Earth Sciences topics. This Congress was the first international academic meeting initiated and led from Geological Sciences Programme from the Faculty of Science (UBD), where universities from two different countries collaborated and hosted the event abroad.

Professor Robert Hall from the Royal Holloway University of London delivering his plenary talk in ICES 2019

The vision of ICES is to encourage multinational scientists and students to share their researches, fostering collaboration in solving current geoscience and environmental issues. After the first ICES in 2017, which took place in Brunei, the leader of this event, aimed to create a series of ICES meetings, to be organised every two years and hosted in a different SE Asian country each time. This is to further enhance the international collaboration of UBD with other Universities and high quality researchers. The focus of ICES is to empower young researchers working in SE Asia to showcase their work. These students get the chance to meet world-leading experts who will enable them to further improve the quality of their research. Such events could establish the Geological Sciences Programme at FOS, UBD as a leading organiser of broad-scope, Earth Sciences academic meetings in SE Asia and beyond.

Group photo of the participants of the ICES 2019 in Bali

Geological Sciences Programme, FOS, UBD volunteers in Bali for ICES 2019. From left to right: Dk Khairunisa Nazirah binti Pg Dr Karim, Liyana Nadiah binti Osli and Dayang Siti Zubaidah binti Awang Massuni

Several students and researchers from Geology at UBD (Abdul Muiz bin Hamdan, Adi Ameza binti Mohd Addly, Dayang Siti Zubaidah binti Awang Massuni, Dk Khairunnisa Nazirah binti Pg Dr Karim, Dk Siti ‘Aaisyah binti Pg Hj Mohd Yani, Elena Ifandi, Hj Mohammad Sanusi bin Hj Zulkipli, Liyana Nadiah binti Osli, Muhammad Izzat Izzuddin bin Haji Irwan, Nur ’Aqidah binti Hj Norazme Nandini Sreenivasan Pillai Nurhazwana binti Jumat) were the backbone of the organisation and actively participated during all stages of the event. This was an invaluable experience for them raising their networking, as well as their management skills. Selected papers from ICES 2019 will be published in internationally-indexed scientific journals.

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