Faculty of Science earthquake researcher interviewed by the Kashmir Observer

Earthquake researcher, Dr Afroz Shah, from the Faculty of Science (FOS) was recently interviewed by the Kashmir Observer, a newspaper that publishes from Kashmir, India, for its story "Tremors on Kashmir's Shaky Ground".


Dr Shah and one of his UBD undergraduate students, Qibah Redwan, working at one of the field sites in Leh, Ladakh, India

Dr Shah contributed with his expertise on the topic of the recurring earthquakes in the Jammu and Kashmir region. His research in FOS focuses on earthquake hazards in South and SE Asia, and significant portions of his research and outreach work involve the Jammu and Kashmir region, NW Himalayas, which, according to Dr Shah, is a wonderful laboratory for geological studies and also happens to be where his hometown is located.

The tectonic collision between India and Eurasia formed the mighty Himalayas and with them one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, the Kashmir region. One positive consequence of lithospheric tectonic movements is that they form landscapes that often attract our attention and mesmerize us with their marvellous architecture. Unfortunately, such tectonic movements can also cause destructive earthquakes and landslides. Earthquakes have caused considerable damage in the past, especially in Jammu and Kashmir, and the most damaging event in recent memory was the magnitude 7.6 earthquake of 2005. It struck a totally unprepared population in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan and caused the unfortunate deaths of more than 80,000 people. Therefore, the simultaneously good and seemingly bad behaviour of lithospheric tectonic movements must be understood, and it is this aspect of Dr Shah’s research that led to his interview by the Kashmir Observer.


Field team members enjoying the view from >5000 meters at Khardungla. Dr Shah is standing on the right, and two of his local UBD undergraduate students, Zira Jawi and Qibah Reduan, are 3rd and 4th from the right, respectively. A Malaysian photographer, Eric, is 2nd from right


As well as earthquake research, Dr Shah also works on earth science education and outreach. Through writing articles for newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc., he endeavours to share earthquake-related scientific discoveries with the general public, especially in earthquake-prone regions.


An interview screenshot showing

Dr Afroz Shah of Geosciences, Faculty of Science, talking about the earthquake hazards in the Jammu and Kashmir region


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