Dr. Fairuzeta binti Hj Md Ja'afar



Educational Qualifications: BSc, MRes, PhD (Imperial College London, UK)

Research Interests

Biophysical chemistry
Combining ultrasound and microbubbles for medical imaging and targeted drug delivery
Particle characterization techniques and instrumentation
Microbubble/Nanoparticle cellular interaction: imaging by optical microscopy


  • SC-1241 Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry
  • SC-1381 Computer Skills in Chemistry
  • SC-2242 Chemical Thermodynamics and Applications
  • SC-4328 Selected Topics in Advanced Spectroscopy
  • SC-4347 Surface Chemical Phenomena
  • CU-0304 Sciences for University Study (General Chemistry)

Research Publications

  • Ja’afar, F. et al. Surface Charge Measurement of SonoVue, Definity and Optison: A Comparison of Laser Doppler Electrophoresis and Micro-Electrophoresis. Ultrasound in Med. Biol. 41, 2990-3000 (2015).