AP Dr. Jose Hernandez Santos

Associate Professor

Educational Qualifications: BSc (UP), PhD (La Trobe Uni, Australia)

Research Interests

Analytical and Environmental Chemistry
  • Electro-analytical Chemistry
  • Environmental Chemistry


  • SC-1381 Computer Skills in Chemistry
  • SC-1401 Chemistry of the Environment
  • SC-2261 Analytical Chemistry I
  • SC-3262 Instrumental methods of chemical analysis
  • SC-4365 Environmental Chemistry

Research Publications

  • Roy, S., Rahman, I. A., Santos, J. H. & Ahmed, M. U. Meat species identification using DNA-redox electrostatic interactions and non-specific adsorption on graphene biochips. Food Control61, 70–78 (2016).

  • Koirala, K., Sevilla, F. B. & Santos, J. H. Biomimetic potentiometric sensor for chlorogenic acid based on electrosynthesized polypyrrole. Sensors Actuators B Chem.222, 391–396 (2016).

  • Kooh, M. R. R., Santos, J. H. & Dahri, M. K. Preparation and Evaluation of Acetabularia-Modified Carbon Paste Electrode in Anodic Stripping Voltammetry of Copper and Lead Ions. J. Chem.2013, 1–9 (2013).

  • Ali, M. A., Tan, A. L., Mirza, A. H., Santos, J. H. & Abdullah, A. H. B. H. Synthesis, structural characterization and electrochemical studies of nickel(II), copper(II) and cobalt(III) complexes of some ONS donor ligands derived from thiosemicarbazide and S-alkyl/aryl dithiocarbazates. Transit. Met. Chem.37, 651–659 (2012).

  • Hoyle, C. H. V & Santos, J. H. Cyclic voltammetric analysis of antioxidant activity in citrus fruits from Southeast Asia. Int. Food Res. J.17, 937–946 (2010).