Dr. Minhaz Uddin Ahmed

Senior Assistant Professor
Dr. Minhaz’s Research Group Website https://ubdbiosensors.wordpress.com


Educational Qualifications: BSc, MSc (DU), PhD (JAIST, Japan)

Research Interests

  • Next Generation Nucleic Acids and Protein Biosensors
  • Novel Chemical Biology and Biomaterials Approaches
  • Point-of-Care (POC) Micro Devices
  • Agro/Food based Applied Biotechnology
  • DNA/Protein Bioinformatics and Bioengineering


  • SC-4363 Modern Analytical Techniques
  • SC-4366 Food chemistry and chemical analysis of food
  • SC-4367 Biosensors Biochips and Nanobiotechnology

Research Publications

  • Roy, S., Rahman, I. A., Santos, J. H. & Ahmed, M. U. Meat species identification using DNA-redox electrostatic interactions and non-specific adsorption on graphene biochips. Food Control61, 70–78 (2016).

  • Ahmed, M. U. et al. Toward the development of smart and low cost point-of-care biosensors based on screen printed electrodes. Crit. Rev. Biotechnol. 1–11 (2015). doi:10.3109/07388551.2014.992387

  • Lim, S. A. & Ahmed, M. U. A carbon nanofiber-based label free immunosensor for high sensitive detection of recombinant bovine somatotropin. Biosens. Bioelectron.70, 48–53 (2015).

  • Nahar, S. et al. A flexible and low-cost polypropylene pouch for naked-eye detection of herpes simplex viruses. Analyst140, 931–7 (2015).

  • Lim, S. A., Yoshikawa, H., Tamiya, E., Yasin, H. M. & Ahmed, M. U. A highly sensitive gold nanoparticle bioprobe based electrochemical immunosensor using screen printed graphene biochip. RSC Adv.4, 58460–58466 (2014).