Dr Daniele Cicuzza

Assistant Professor


Educational Qualifications: MSc (La Sapienza), PhD (Switzerland)

Research Interests

  • Fern ecology in tropical forest, biotic and abiotic interaction, speciation and niche distribution
  • Fern Taxonomy, Osmundaceae family
  • Fern DNA barcoding
  • South East Asia Fern Biogeography
  • 5. Fern conservation, ex-situ conservation and cryopreservation


  • SB-1201 Diversity of life
  • SB-2201 Plant form and function
  • SB-2401 Plants and people
  • SB-4301 Conservation and management of living resources
  • SB-4316 Economic Botany


  • Thonhofer J., Getto D., van Straaten O., Cicuzza D., Kessler M. (2015) Influence of spatial and environmental variables on rattan palm (Arecaceae) assemblage composition in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Plant Ecology 216: 55-66
  • Cicuzza, D. De Nicola, C. Testi, A. Pignatti, S. Zanella A. (2015) Which are the contribution of the carbon sequestration of the forest ecosystems in the Castel Porziano Reserve? Evidences from an integrated study on humus and vegetation. Rendiconti Fis. Acc. Lincei 26 (3) 403-411
  • Cicuzza, D. (2014) A rediscovery of Alfred Russel Wallace’s fern collection from Borneo ot the Cambridge University Herbarium. Notes Rec. 68: 403-412
  • Jones MM, Cicuzza D, van Straaten O, Veldkamp E, and Kessler M. (2014) Determinants of fern and angiosperm herb community structure in lower montane rainforest in Indonesia. Journal of Vegetation Science 25: 1216–1224
  • Cicuzza, D., Thorsten, K., Poulsen, A.D., Delhotal, T., Abrahamczyk, S., Piedra, H.M. & Kessler, M. (2013) A transcontinental comparison of the diversity and composition of tropical forest understorey herbs. Biodiversity and Conservation, Vol.22,(3): 755-772.