Dr. Faizah Hj Metali/Matali



Educational Qualifications: BSc Ed (Brunei), MSc (Sussex), PhD (Aberdeen)

Research Interests

  • Metal accumulation in plants
  • Plant and soil nutrients
  • Growth and physiology of tropical seedlings
  • Germination and pollination studies
  • Plant conservation and propagation techniques


  • SB-2207 Principles of Plant Physiology
  • SB-2210 Cells, Biomolecules & Microbiology
  • SB-2404 Current Trends in Life Sciences
  • SB-4290 Research Project
  • SB-4320 Plant Ecophysiology
  • SB-4322 Principles of Soil Science
  • CU-0304 Sciences for University Study


  • Metali, F., Abu Salim, K., Tennakoon, K. & Burslem, D. F. R. P. Controls on foliar nutrient and aluminium concentrations in a tropical tree flora: phylogeny, soil chemistry and interactions among elements. New Phytol. 205(1), 280-92 (2015).
  • Metali, F., Abu Salim, K. & Burslem, D. F. R. P. Evidence of foliar aluminium accumulation in local, regional and global datasets of wild plants. New Phytol. 193(3), 637-649 (2012).
  • Metali, F. Factors controlling Al accumulation in plants: effects of phylogeny, soil conditions and external nutrient supply. PhD thesis, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, UK (2010).