Dr. Kushan Udayanga Tennakoon

Associate Professor


Educational Qualifications: BSc (Sri Lanka), PhD (Western Australia)

Research Interests

  • Ecophysiological and biochemical attributes of parasitic plants and mycoheterotrophs, their biogeography, structural biology and mechanisms of solute transfer.
  • Restoration of degraded tropical habitats with local native plant species and investigating their physiological responses to varying environmental conditions.
  • Impacts of alien invasive plant species (i.e. holoparasites, Pinus, Acacia spp) on native flora and potential arable lands.
  • Alternative energy - Applications of native plant pigments in dye-sensitized solar cells.


  • SB-1203 Skills in Biological Sciences
  • SB-2207 Principles of Plant Physiology
  • SB-2410 Plants and People
  • SB-4312 Developmental Biology
  • SB-4317 Climate Change Biology
  • SB-4320 Plant Ecophysiology
  • CU-0304 Sciences for University Study


  • Jay F. Bolin, Tennakoon Kushan U, Mohamed Bin Abdul Majid, Duncan D. Cameron.2016. Isotopic evidence of partial mycoheterotrophy in Burmannia coelestis (Burmanniaceae). Plant Species Biology (Wiley- Blackwell). In press. Early view online version is available: DOI: 10.1111/1442-1984.12116
  • Q V Le, Tennakoon Kushan U, F Metali, L BL Lim & J F Bolin.2016 Ecophysiological Responses Of Mistletoe Dendrophthoe curvata (Blume) Miquel (Loranthaceae) To Varying Environmental Parameters Depend On Host Associations – Journal of Tropical Forest Science 28 (1):59-67 (Early view online version is available)
  • A. Suhaili, R Sukri & Tennakoon Kushan U. 2016. comparison of seedling emergence and soil seed bank composition of an Acacia plantation and AN adjacent tropical Heath forest in Brunei Darussalam. Biotropia. In press.
  • Zolkepli Z, Andery Lim, P Ekanayake, Tennakoon Kushan U. 2015. Efficiency enhancement of cocktail dye of Ixora coccinea and Tradescantia spathacea in DSSC. Journal of Biophysics. Article ID 582091, 8 pages DOI.org/10.1155/2015/582091.
  • Nurul Kahrani Ishak, Zohrah Sulaiman, Tennakoon Kushan U. 2015. Comparative Study on Growth Performance of Transgenic Rice Nipponbare (Over-Expressing OsNHX1) and its Wild-type under Different Salinity Regimes. Rice Science (Elsevier) 22(5): 931- 934. doi:10.1016/j.rsci.2015.06.002
  • Q V Le, Tennakoon Kushan U, Metali F, Lim LBL, Bolin JF. 2015. The Impacts of Cuscuta australis infection on photosynthesis of the host Mikania micrantha under drought conditions. Weed Biology & Management (Wiley)15: 138-146. doi:10.1111/wbm.12077
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