Dr. David John Marshall

Associate Professor


Educational Qualifications: BSc, PhD (Rhodes Univ. SA)

Research Interests

  • Ecological and evolutionary physiology of marine Intertidal invertebrates.
  • Organismal responses to environmental and climate change.
  • Marine and estuarine benthic community ecology.
  • Estuarine pollution, biomonitoring and ecotoxicology.


  • SB-1201 Diversity of Life
  • SB-1202 Organisms and Environment
  • SB-2203 Animal Form and Function
  • SB-2402 Discovering Science
  • SB-4305 Entomology
  • SB-4317 Climate Change Biology


  • Bazile, V., Le Moguédec, G., Marshall, D. J. & Gaume, L. Fluid physico-chemical properties influence capture and diet in Nepenthes pitcher plants. Ann. Bot. 115, 705-16 (2015).
  • Bamber, R. N. & Marshall, D. J. Tanaidaceans from Brunei, V. The Leptocheliidae (Crustacea: Peracarida: Tanaidacea), with four new species. Zootaxa 3948, 342-60 (2015).
  • Polgar, G., Khang, T. F., Chua, T. & Marshall, D. J. Gross mismatch between thermal tolerances and environmental temperatures in a tropical freshwater snail: climate warming and evolutionary implications. J. Therm. Biol. 47, 99-108 (2015).
  • Hossain, M. & Marshall, D. J. Benthic infaunal community structuring in an acidified tropical estuarine system. Aquat. Biosyst. 10, 11 (2014).
  • Bolhuis, H., Schluepmann, H., Kristalijn, J., Sulaiman, Z. & Marshall, D. J. Molecular analysis of bacterial diversity in mudflats along the salinity gradient of an acidified tropical Bornean estuary (South East Asia). Aquat. Biosyst. 10, 10 (2014).