AP Monowarul Mobin Siddique

Associate Professor


Educational Qualifications: PhD (Singapore)

Research Interests

  • Therapeutic potential of several phytochemicals in preventing cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.
  • Enhancing autophagy (mainly lipophagy), and protecting liver cells from oxidative stress using in vitro and in vivo models.


  • SB-2241 Cell Biology
  • SB-2242 Microbiology
  • SB-2244 Molecular Biology
  • SB-4306 Biochemistry


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  • MM Siddique, Benjamin T Bikman, Liping Wang, Li Ying, Erin Reinhardt , GuanghouShui, Markus R. Wenk, and Scott A. Summers. 2012. Ablation of Dihydroceramide Desaturase Confers Resistance to Etoposide-Induced Apoptosis. PLoS ONE.7(9): e44042.
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