Dr. Pooja Shivanand



Educational Qualifications: Educational Qualifications: B.Eng. (India), MS (By Research) (India), PhD (India)

Research Interests

  • Halophilic microorganisms and their metabolites.
  • Industrial & Environmental Biotechnology.
  • Bioremediation.
  • Fermentation & Bioprocess technology.
  • Enzyme technology


  • SB-4314 Biotechnology
  • SB-4321 Mycology
  • SB-2405 Human Life and Environment


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  • Shivanand P., Gopal Mugeraya, Anubhav Kumar, Utilization of renewable agricultural residues for the production of extracellular halostable cellulase from newly isolated Halomonas sp. strain PS47. Annals of microbiology 63 (4), 1257-1263, 2013.
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