Dr. Yasuaki Tanaka

Assistant Professor


Educational Qualifications: BEng (Nagoya), Master of Natural Environmental Studies (Tokyo), PhD (Tokyo)

Research Interests

  • Ecophysiology of corals and aquatic primary producers
  • Nutrients and organic matter in aquatic ecosystems


  • SB-1202 Organisms and Environment
  • SB-2405 Human Life and Environment
  • SB-4232 Marine Ecosystems
  • SB-4301 Conservation and Management of Living Resources
  • SB-4313 Aquatic Biology
  • SB-4332 Principles of Oceanography


  • Tanaka, Y., Suzuki, A. & Sakai, K. Effects of elevated seawater temperature and phosphate enrichment on the crustose coralline alga Porolithon onkodes (Rhodophyta). Phycol. Res. 65, 51-57 (2017).
  • Tanaka, Y. Coral diversity and coral reef environment in Brunei Darussalam. Scientia Bruneiana 15, 13−17 (2016).
  • Kavousi, J., Tanaka, Y., Nishida, K., Suzuki, A., Nojiri, Y. & Nakamura, T. Colony-specific calcification and mortality under ocean acidification in the branching coral Montipora digitata. Marine Environmental Research 119, 161−165 (2016).
  • Tanaka, Y., Grottoli, A. G., Matsui, Y., Suzuki, A. & Sakai, K. Partitioning of nitrogen sources to algal endosymbionts of corals with long-term 15N-labelling and a mixing model. Ecol. Model. 309-310, 163-169 (2015).