AP. Dr. Basilios Tsikouras

Associate Professor


Educational Qualifications: BSc (Patras), PhD (Patras)

Research Interests

  • Soil and Environmental Geochemistry
  • Petrogenetic Processes in Ophiolite
  • Genesis of Chromitites and Associated Platinum Group Minerals
  • Quality Assessment of Aggregates and Industrial Minerals
  • Studies on Asbestos Minerals and Fibers
  • Formation of Abiotic Methane in Serpentinites
  • Archaeometric Studies with Emphasis on Evaluation and Provenance of Stone Implements and Building Stones


  • SG-1203 Introduction to Crystallography and Mineralogy
  • SG-2202 Petrography of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks
  • SG-2306 Environmental Geology
  • SG-2403 Environmental Aspects of Earth Sciences
  • SG-4304 Igneous Petrogenesis


  • Etiope, G., Ifandi, E., Nazzari, M., Procesi, M., Tsikouras, B., Ventura, G., Steele, A., Tardini, R., & Szatmari, P. (2018): Widespread abiotic methane in chromitites.-Scientific Reports, 8, 8728.
  • Giannakopoulou, P.P., Petrounias, P., Tsikouras, B., Kalaitzidis, S., Rogkala, A., Hatzipanagiotou, K. & Tombros, S.F. (2018): Using factor analysis to determine the interrelationships between the engineering properties of aggregates from igneous rocks in Greece.-Minerals, 8(12), 580.
  • Ifandi, E., Zaccarini, F., Tsikouras, B., Grammatikopoulos, T., Garuti, G., Karipi, S. & Hatzipanagiotou, K. (2018): First occurrences of Ni-V-Co phosphides in chromitite from the Agios Stefanos mine, ophiolitic complex of Othrys, Greece.-Ofioliti, 43, 131-145.
  • Petrounias, P., Giannakopoulou, P., Rogkala, A., Lampropoulou, P., Koutsopoulou, E., Papoulis, D., Tsikouras, B. & Hatzipanagiotou, K. (2018): The impact of secondary phyllosilicate minerals on the engineering properties of various igneous aggregates from Greece.-Minerals, 8(8), 329.
  • Petrounias, P., Giannakopoulou, P., Rogkala, A., Stamatis, P., Lampropoulou, P., Tsikouras, B. & Hatzipanagiotou, K. (2018): The effect of petrographic characteristics and physico-mechanical properties of aggregates on the quality of concrete.-Minerals, 8(12), 577.
  • Fitros, M., Tombros, S.F., Williams-Jones, A.E., Tsikouras, B., Koutsopoulou, E. & Hatzipanagiotou, K. (2017): Physicochemical controls on bismuth mineralization: An example from Moutoulas, Serifos Island, Cyclades, Greece.-American Mineralogist, 102, 1622-1631.
  • Tsikouras, B., Ifandi, E., Karipi, S., Grammatikopoulos, T.A. & Hatzipanagiotou, K. (2016): Investigation of platinum-group minerals (PGM) from Othrys chromitites (Greece) using superpanning concentrates.-Minerals, 6(3), 94.
  • Tsikouras, B., Passa, K.-S., Iliopoulos, I. & Katagas, C. (2016): Microstructural control on Perlite expansibility and geochemical balance with a novel application of Isocon analysis: An example from Milos Island Perlite (Greece).-Minerals, 6(3), 80.