Dr. Akira Kinjo

Associate Professor


Educational Qualifications: PhD (SOKENDAI), MSc (Kyoto)

Research Interests

  • Theoretical biology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Monte Carlo simulations


  • SM-2205 Intermediate Statistics
  • SM-4331 Advanced Statistics
  • SM-4335 Advanced Probability
  • SM-4338 Stochastic Processes

Research publications

  • AR Kinjo, Cooperative “folding transition” in the sequence space facilitates function-driven evolution of protein families, Journal of Theoretical Biology 443, 18-27 (2018)
  • K Nishikawa, AR Kinjo, Mechanism of evolution by genetic assimilation: Equivalence and independence of genetic mutation and epigenetic modulation in phenotypic expression, Biophysical Reviews 10, 667–676 (2018).
  • AR Kinjo, G-J Bekker, H Suzuki, Y Tsuchiya, T Kawabata, Y Ikegawa, H Nakamura, Protein Data Bank Japan (PDBj): updated user interfaces, resource description framework, analysis tools for large structures, Nucleic Acids Research 45, D282-D288 (2017)
  • AR Kinjo, A unified statistical model of protein multiple sequence alignment integrating direct coupling and insertions, Biophysics and physicobiology 13, 45-62 (2016)
  • K Nishikawa, AR Kinjo, Cooperation between phenotypic plasticity and genetic mutations can account for the cumulative selection in evolution, Biophysics 10, 99-108 (2014)