Mr Lim Sei Guan



Educational Qualifications: BSc (Strathclyde), P.G.C.E. (Brunei), MSc (Kent)

Research Interests

  • Database technologies and design.
  • Open source applications and technologies.
  • Internet marketing and web presence.
  • Web content accessibility.
  • Machine translation.


  • SS-2203 Database Design
  • SS-2204 System Analysis and Design

Research publications

  • Buhari, S. M., Tuah, N. J., Chong, K. O., Lim, S. G. & Naim, A. G. Fuzzy based room temperature control by integrating sensors and cameras with a grid. in 2013 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence for Communication Systems and Networks (CIComms) 61–65 (IEEE, 2013).

  • Waters, G., Crawford, J. & Guan Lim, S. Optimising multicast structures for grid computing. Comput. Commun. 27, 1389–1400 (2004).