Dr. Md Mustafizur Rahman



Educational Qualifications: BSc, MSc (Dhaka), MPhil, PhD (BUET, Dhaka)

Research Interests

  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD),.
  • Modelling and simulation of the application of nanofluids on heat transfer problems.
  • Renewable/Solar energy technology (modeling, simulation & socio-economic issues).
  • Approximant methods.


  • SM-2311 (Engineering Mathematics)
  • SM-4313 (Mechanics)

Research publications

  • Rahman, M. M. et al. Effect of Sine-Squared Thermal Boundary Condition on Augmentation of Heat Transfer in a Triangular Solar Collector Filled with Different Nanofluids. Numer. Heat Transfer 68, 53–74 (2015).

  • Borhan Uddin, M., Rahman, M. M., Khan, M. A. H. & Ibrahim, T. A. Effect of buoyancy ratio on unsteady thermosolutal combined convection in a lid driven trapezoidal enclosure in the presence of magnetic field. Comput. Fluids 114, 284–296 (2015).

  • Borhan Uddin, M., Rahman, M. M. & Khan, M. A. H. Hydromagnetic Double-Diffusive Unsteady Mixed Convection in a Trapezoidal Enclosure Due to Uniform and Nonuniform Heating at the Bottom Side. Numer. Heat Transf. Part A Appl. 68, 205–224 (2015).(2011).

  • Rahman, M. M., Öztop, H. F., Mekhilef, S., Saidur, R. & Orfi, J. Simulation of unsteady heat and mass transport with heatline and massline in a partially heated open cavity. Appl. Math. Model. 39, 1597–1615 (2015)..

  • Islam, M. K. et al. In-vitro anthelmintic activity of three Bangladeshi plants against Paramphistomum cervi and Haemonchus contortus. J. Complement. Integr. Med. 12, 171–4 (2015).