Pg Dr. Hj Norjaidi Pg Tuah



Educational Qualifications: BSc (CNAA), MSc (London), PhD (Curtin)

Research Interests

  • Recreational computer science.
  • Compilers.


  • SS-1201 Programming Fundamentals 1
  • SS-1203 Programming Fundamentals 2
  • SS-2202 Algorithms and Data Structures

Research publications

  • Fida, A., Hung, P. D., Tuah, N. J. & Ngo, T. D. Communication-aware route selection in wireless sensor networks. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 302, (Springer International Publishing, 2016).

  • Fida, A., Tuah, N. J. & Ngo, T. D. PSO based throughput optimization for mobile sensor networks. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 331, (Springer International Publishing, 2015).

  • Maseleno, A., Hasan, M. M., Tuah, N. & Tabbu, C. R. Fuzzy Logic and Mathematical Theory of Evidence to Detect the Risk of Disease Spreading of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1. Procedia Comput. Sci. 57, 348–357 (2015)..

  • Buhari, S. M., Tuah, N. J., Chong, K. O., Lim, S. G. & Naim, A. G. Fuzzy based room temperature control by integrating sensors and cameras with a grid. in 2013 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence for Communication Systems and Networks (CIComms) 61–65 (IEEE, 2013). doi:10.1109/CICommS.2013.6582855.

  • Didenko, V. D., Korenovskyi, A. A. & Tuah, N. J. Mean oscillations of the logarithmic function. Ric. Mat. 62, 81–90 (2012).