AP Dr. Sannay Hj Mohammad

Associate Professor


Educational Qualifications: BScEd (Brunei), MSc (Massey) PhD (Flinders)

Research Interests

  • Functional differential equations.
  • Impulsive differential/difference equations.
  • Stability and oscillations in dynamical systems.
  • Mathematical models of neural networks, population dynamics, epidemics, etc.
  • Computer (or numerical) simulations of differential equations, functional differential equations, and impulsive differential equations.


  • SM-4312 (Mathematical Modeling)

Research publications

  • Huang, Z., Mohamad, S. & Gao, F. Multi-almost periodicity in semi-discretizations of a general class of neural networks. Math. Comput. Simul. 101, 43–60 (2014).
  • Huang, Z., Feng, C. & Mohamad, S. Multistability analysis for a general class of delayed Cohen–Grossberg neural networks. Inf. Sci. (Ny). 187, 233–244 (2012).
  • Huang, Z., Feng, C., Mohamad, S. & Ye, J. Multistable learning dynamics in second-order neural networks with time-varying delays. Int. J. Comput. Math. 88, 1327–1346 (2011).
  • Huang, Z., Mohamad, S. & Feng, C. New results on exponential attractivity of multiple almost periodic solutions of cellular neural networks with time-varying delays. Math. Comput. Model. 52, 1521–1531 (2010).
  • Huang, Z., Mohamad, S., Feng, C. & Cai, G. Coexistence of 2N domains of attraction of nonautonomous neural networks with time-varying delays. Appl. Math. Model. 34, 80–91 (2010).