Dr. Rosnah Abdullah



Educational Qualifications: BScEd (Brunei), MSc (Loughborough), PhD (Kyoto)

Research Interests

  • Biomass Energy Technology (including biofuels, industrial biomass products, energy, environmental biotechnology, hot-compressed water technology)


  • SP-1201 Basic Experimental Skills in Physics
  • SP-4303 Renewable energy
  • SE-5303 Energy and environment
  • CU-0304 Sciences for university study


  • Abdullah, R. & Saka, S. Hydrolysis behavior of various crystalline celluloses treated by cellulase of Tricoderma viride. Cellulose 21, 4049–4058 (2014).
  • Miyamoto, H. et al. Molecular dynamics simulation of dissociation behavior of various crystalline celluloses treated with hot-compressed water. Cellulose 21, 3203–3215 (2014).
  • Abdullah, R., Ueda, K. & Saka, S. Hydrothermal decomposition of various crystalline celluloses as treated by semi-flow hot-compressed water. J. Wood Sci. 60, 278–286 (2014).