Dr. Tan Kha Sheng

Associate Professor


Educational Qualifications: BTech (Bradford), MSc( Brunel), Dip. Ed. (S'pore), PhD( S'pore)

Research Interests

  • Non-destructive testing, evaluation and characterisation of materials
  • Materials for energy and development
  • Standards and conformity assessment of materials in use


  • SP-1303 Thermal Physics and optics
  • SP-2201 Experiments in Physics
  • SP-3404 How things work
  • SP-4301 Characterisation and evaluation of materials


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  • Chin, L. T., Hing, P., Tan, K. S. & Olofinjana, A. O. Overview and Functional Characterization of Pb–Free Solders. Defect Diffus. Forum 297-301, 169–179 (2010).
  • Osunkoya, O. O. et al. Comparative height crown allometry and mechanical design in 22 tree species of Kuala Belalong rainforest, Brunei, Borneo. Am. J. Bot. 94, 1951–62 (2007).
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