A Journey to the deep learning algorithms for facial expression recognition

One of our graduate student Mr. Bacha Rehman, who is doing his PhD in computer science at FOS, was also invited to the even as a guest speaker to deliver a talk to highlight the revolutionizing impact of artificial intelligence and deep learning on the fourth industrial revolution. The aim of his lecture was to provide an interdisciplinary capacity building for students at Brunei universities in the field of computer vision and deep learning applications.


A short overview of a deep learning algorithm model for facial expression recognition was also presented during this talk to motivate young students to understand about how deep learning algorithm works, and boost their interests and skills-set to look into these exciting and revolutionary research areas for their career development. Developing such system in-house can develop the expertise in the domains within the country and contribute to capacity building in keeping up with the latest industrial revolution. It can also open up research collaboration opportunity within different research institutions advancing in computer vision, robotics and its applications