UBD Geology Students experience Electrical Resistivity Tomography Survey for Groundwater Exploration

The Department of Agriculture and Agrifood of the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism, in collaboration with Preston GeoCEM (B) Sdn Bhd, is currently involved in exploring groundwater resources at selected locations in Brunei to be used for Paddy field irrigation.

Ms Lieyana Azffri from Preston GeoCEM (B) Sdn Bhd together with Dr. Stefan Gӧdeke from the Geology Programme organized an Electrical Resistivity Tomography survey experience for selected UBD Geology students. The resistivity survey took place on April 27 at Kawasan Kemajuan Pertanian Kampung Bebuloh and Kampung Junjongan. Geophysical surveys such as electrical resistivity surveys can help to delineate subsurface structures and the presence of groundwater.

The fieldwork offered the students a better understanding of the geophysical imaging technology for groundwater exploration and a unique exposure to real life project work in Brunei. The students thoroughly enjoyed the fieldwork experience.

FOS Geology students, Dr. Stefan Gӧdeke (Geology lecturer) and Preston GeoCEM (B) Sdn Bhd staff at Kawasan Kemajuan Pertanian Kampong Bebuloh on 27th April 2019

Paddy field at Kawasan Kemajuan Pertanian Kampung Junjongan on 27th April 2019