Welcome to
Faculty of Science


Our Faculty offers a broad spectrum of academic opportunities under five major disciplines: Applied Physics, Chemical Sciences, Environment and Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, and Geological Sciences. This diversity prepares our students for a wide range of careers and academic pursuits.


Our faculty comprises experienced and well-qualified academics from all over the world, ensuring that students receive top-tier education in their respective disciplines.


Our GenNEXT Bachelor of Science degree programme is designed to provide students with the essential cognitive and analytical skills vital to excel in the 21st century.


Our faculty engages in a wide array of research topics such as mathematical modelling, numerical analysis, wireless sensors, robotics and autonomous systems, data mining, and more. Our students are encouraged to participate in these research endeavours, providing them with hands-on experience and deep understanding of their chosen fields.

Community and
International Impact

We strive to make a significant positive impact on society, both locally and internationally, through our teaching, research, and service. Our commitment extends to fulfilling our obligations to the people of Brunei Darussalam and beyond, cultivating a global perspective among our students.

Discovery Year

In their Discovery Year, our students have the opportunity to gain invaluable work experience, embark on incubation projects, participate in community outreach projects, and study abroad. This experience not only augments their academic journey but also equips them with practical skills and global exposure, setting them up for success in their professional careers.

Dr. Lim Lee Hoon

Dr. Lim Lee Hoon

Associate Professor | Dean

Message from the Dean

A warm welcome to Faculty of Science (FOS). As one of the first faculty in UBD since its founding in 1985, FOS has played a central role in the university through its innovative curriculum and impactful research. FOS offers five majors i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Applied Physics and Mathematics. Through our flexible and broad-based curriculum, students enrolled in FOS can also take modules from other faculty thereby enhancing their all-round skills and consequently their marketability.

FOS has consistently produced high quality graduates who not only has excelled locally but internationally. In addition, FOS strong research culture no doubt plays an important role in instilling research interest as well as stimulating intellectual curiosity amongst our undergraduate students.


Dyg. Nur Fadhliah binti Haji Madli
BSc Mathematics
August 2012 – May 2015
Studying BSc Mathematics at UBD has been invaluable learning experience for me personally. Throughout the 4 years, I have gained a lot of knowledge and qualities that will be beneficial to me. The course enhanced my analytical skills as well as allowing me to share ideas and different problem solving approaches. Also, the supervision and positive feedback from lecturers throughout the course made a significant impact on my academic success and i am truly thankful to them
Awg. Andery Lim
PhD in Energy Studies
January 2012 – May 2015
Academically, I started my UBD journey with Bachelor of Science in Biological Science, followed by Master of Teaching and finally Philosophy Doctorate in Energy Studies. Being a research student, I was given ample opportunity to present my findings in both local and international conferences and to publish them in high-impact journala, thus being able to equip myself for future highef research undertakings
Dyg. Syazana binti Abdullah Lim
PhD in Biology
January 2012 – May 2015
Although UBD access to sensing research is still in the infancy stage, i took this as a challenge and platform to contribute in sensor development and simultaneously developed the skills and knowledge required. By the end of my PhD programme, I have published five research articles in reputable international journals and contributed to a book chapter for an international publication. Also, as the result of my PhD research, UBD has filed an international patent, which shows the importance of the research outcome. The results of this research will have an important social impact in the multidisciplinary field of sensor devices.