Research and Innovation in Sciences

Since 2009, UBD has transformed from a traditional teaching university into a university that incorporates both teaching and research. Over the past 7 years, the Sciences has played a significant contribution towards drastic outcomes in research and innovation. Among them, researchers have managed to secure susbtantive internal and external research grants. This has allowed the advancement of the sciences which in turn has led to the establishment of a global connectivity while maintaining regional identity and the nation’s needs.

With the establishment of The Office of AVC (Innovation and Enterprise) UBD is transformed into a university of innovation an enterprise. Faculty of Science is actively supporting the university in research and equipment centralizing effort (Centra2). .




Contact Person for research collaboration and enquiries:

Dr James Robert Jennings
Deputy Dean (Graduate Studies & Research)


Faculty of Science Research Newsletter


Research Headlines @ FOS



image UBD Staff Excellence Award 2019-2020

UBD Staff Excellence Award 2019-2020



image TEDxUTB

TEDxUTB - A Journey to the deep learning algorithms for facial expression recognition



image Convocation Festival 2018

FOS research highlighted during Convocation Festival 2018 Launching

image Erasmus+ International Mobility Program

Erasmus+ International Mobility Program between UBD and University of Patras

image Geosciences Project

Faculty of Science (FOS) Geosciences project funded by ASEAN Corporate Social Responsibility Fund

image Joint Symposium

Chemical Sciences Researchers in 2nd joint symposium between Osaka University and Bruneian Higher Education Institutions in Japan

image 2018 Publons Award

Chemical Sciences’ Researcher receives 2018 Publons Award

image FOS Researcher Led Worldwide

FOS Researcher led worldwide study on mapping the evolutionary relationships between the world’s tropical forests

image Nanocomposites

Nanocomposites for Visible Light-induced Photocatalysis

image Antioxidants

Development of Functional Food based on Antioxidants among ASEAN Members

image Polymer-based Nanocomposites

Polymer-based Nanocomposites for Energy and Environmental Applications

image International Scientists

International scientists at FOS to study animal responses to climate change

image National Geographic Society

Dr. Afroz Shah was awarded 20,000 USD by the National Geographic Society

image NICEM

Environmental and Life Sciences research staff and student visits the NICEM at Seoul National University in the Republic of Korea.

image Eminent Visiting Professor

Eminent Visiting Professor, Professor Michael Yu Wang Shares His Vision on various engineering fields

image Kasetsart University, Thailand

Postgraduate students participate in food value chain (FVC) intensive course in Kasetsart University, Thailand

image 4th ASEAN IVO

Computer Science Lecturer attended 4th ASEAN IVO Steering Committee Meeting

image “alphabet and words of planet Earth”

UBD’s contribution to the “alphabet and words of planet Earth”

image National Core House , Wellington, New Zealand

Research Visit to the National Core House , Wellington, New Zealand

image Global Influence on Food Analysis

Crafting Global Influence on Food Analysis

image XRF in Shanghai, China

Training of Geology staff on a new XRF in Shanghai, China

image Electricity from Living Plants

Generating Electricity from Living Plants

image Borneo’s Exploding Ants

Diet of Borneo’s Exploding Ants

image Climate Change

Climate change biology research in FOS

image Long Banga Scientific Expedition

FOS takes part in Long Banga Scientific Expedition to the Heart of Borneo

image Biosensors and Biotechnology Laboratory

Biosensors and Biotechnology Laboratory at UBD shine with high impact publications and US patent

image Goldschmidt Conference

Goldschmidt Conference in Yokohama

image Flora Malesiana Symposium

Flora Malesiana Symposium Edinburgh 2016

image Professor Hiroshi Masuhara

Professor Hiroshi Masuhara Shares His Vision On Photon Science & Technology