DY placement at Mahasarakham University, Thailand

Article by Qamarul, Edited by Dr Fairuzeta

Md. Qamarul Azizan, an undergraduate Mathematics student recently completed his 18-week DY placement at Mahasarakham University (MSU), located in the north east of Thailand. He was one of 4 students chosen to represent UBD for the DY internship programme.

While at MSU, he was working under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Wipawee Tangjai from the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science. During his placement, Md. Qamarul maximized his learning opportunity by engaging with with supervisors, lecturers and other students. With the approval and guidance of his supervisor, he initiated his own project to create a program using Matlab, that keeps track of an individual’s electricity and water consumption and calculating the cost of electricity and water bills. Md. Qamarul, who hopes to one day be an educator himself, interviewed and observed many academics during their lectures in order to gain advice and information on teaching.

Qamarul with his colleagues at Department of Mathematics, Mahasarakham University

Department of Mathematics, Mahasarakham University

He noted that being abroad for his internship required an independent mindset, and that the opportunity could be maximized by striving to be open to new ideas and information, constantly searching for knowledge and skills. Md. Qamarul is grateful to his supervisor and everyone that he met during his internship for their kindhearted welcome, ideas, support and guidance.