DY experience at Mahidol University, Thailand

Article by Melanie Lim Boon Jin, Edited by Dr Fairuzeta

Melanie Lim Boon Jin, a third-year Biochemistry and Biology student, completed her DY internship at one of the top universities in Thailand, Mahidol University. Reporting on her experiences of this internship, she described her supervisors and colleagues as extremely helpful and welcoming, providing an ideal environment to improve her knowledge and research skills as well as inspiring her with their enthusiasm for their field. Placed in a professional laboratory setting with access to state-of-the-art equipment, she aspired to improve her practical skills, putting her theoretical studies into more practical applications. In this positive environment, she was able to make good progress with her work, receiving both encouragement and practical know-how from her colleagues.

Whilst at the university, she was also provided the opportunity for cultural trips inside Thailand and enjoyed the introduction to local customs, language, transport and many other aspects of life in Thailand. Melanie describes her overall experience as extremely positive and expresses her gratitude to all her supervisors, colleagues and friends at Mahidol University.

Making new friends and lasting friendships, Melanie describes her DY experience as extremely positive.

Melanie with her colleagues