Professor Hiroshi Masuhara Shares His Vision On Photon Science & Technology

Article by AP Dr Anwar Usman

The Faculty of Science (FOS) hosted a public lecture by its Eminent Visiting Professor, Hiroshi Masuhara, on “Photon Science & Technology and Molecular Systems” on 19th May at the Senate Room, Chancellor Hall. The Dean of FOS, Dr Rahayu Sukri, officiated the event with a welcoming remark.

Professor Masuhara was invited under UBD’s Eminent Visiting Professor and Visiting Appointment (EVPVA) Scheme. As a distinguished expert visiting UBD, he has delivered a public lecture, chaired a symposium, and shared his professional expertise and network through his research collaborations.

Professor Masuhara has worked in photochemistry and laser nanoscience/nanotechnology for decades. His experiences are mainly in the frontier researches related to interactions between light and matters for future science and technology. In recognition of his scientific achievements, Prof. Masuhara has received several prestigious awards, including the Kenjiro Sakurai Memorial Prize (2005), The Chemical Society of Japan Award (2006), Porter Medal (2006), The Spectroscopic Society of Japan Award (2006), Medal of Purple Ribbon (Japanese Government/Emperor) (2008), Mukai Prize (2010), and Asian Photochemistry Association Award (2011).

In the lecture, Professor Masuhara explained the history of time-resolved spectroscopy and photochemical processes, followed by an in-depth presentation on nano chemistry and the manipulation of biomolecular systems by intense laser beams to elucidate photochemical processes and prospects for various applications. This research work can further provide new concepts and methodology for the next generation of science and technology in the areas of information, communication, nanotechnology, life sciences, optoelectronics, environment, and energy.

After his public lecture, Professor Masuhara chaired a symposium by UBD staff from FOS, CAMES, and IHS on light-matter interactions. The speakers in the symposium were Dr. Haniti bt Sheik Abdul Hamid, A.P. Dr. Jonathan Hobley, Dr. Adi Idris, Dr. Ren-Chong Lim, and Dr. Mohammad Mansoob Khan. The symposium was followed a coffee meeting with UBD staff from FOS, CAMES, and FIT facilitated by A.P. Dr. Namal Arosha Senanyake (Deputy Dean of FOS) to discuss research and collaborations. Through this EVPVA scheme, FOS hopes to strengthen its overall quality of teaching, research and community outreach programs.

Professor Masuhara delivering his public lecture.

The audience at Professor Masuhara’s lecture.

A member of the audience asking a question.