Formulation and characterization of lip balm made from beeswax, almond oil, virgin coconut oil and honey


Design, formulation and quality improvement of lip balm made from natural ingredients for tropical lip health use was studied. In this study, lip balm have been made by beeswax (2.5 g), almond oil (5 mL), virgin coconut oil (VCO) (5 mL), honey (2.5 mL), and distilled water (1 mL). The lip balm was produced by mixing method until homogeneous. The effect of temperature was also observed from 25 to 100 °C to obtain a lip balm with a homogeneous texture and safe. The parameters such as formulation, chemical stability, pH, melting point and irritation tests were carried out to obtain the best lip balm products and are suitable for use in the tropical regions. The lip balm formulation was tested by applying lip balm to a glass slide. The pH of lip balm of 5.6 and melting point of 65°C were obtained. Based on the results of irritation test, the lip balm showed no reaction to erythema, papules, or edema, indicating that it is safe to skin of the lips. Finally, the natural ingredients in this study can be used for the formulation and composition of lip balms for tropic to cool regions.

AIP Conference Proceedings