Progress in emerging contaminants removal by adsorption/membrane filtration-based technologies: A review


This paper discusses adsorption and membrane filtration as a single and hybrid system for Emerging contaminants (ECs) removals. Firstly, classifications, sources, effects, detection techniques, and available technologies for ECs removal are discussed comprehensively. Then, followed by an overview of the fundamental concepts of adsorption and membrane filtration concerning the materials, separation mechanisms, factors affecting their performances, and their progress in the application for ECs removals. The combination of membrane and adsorption with other physical, chemical, or biological treatments was then discussed. Finally, a hybrid system between membrane filtration and adsorption is discussed. The combination includes adsorption as the pretreatment stage, integrated adsorption/membrane filtration, or adsorption as the post-treatment stage. Generally, the performance of a hybrid system is better than a single system. Nonetheless, further studies are recommended for application on a wide range of ECs removal and large-scale treatment.

Indonesian Journal of Science and Technology