Determining Suitable Creative and Innovative Teaching Methods for Secondary School Mathematics During COVID-19 Pandemic


The aim of this research study is to determine suitable creative and innovative teaching methods for secondary school level mathematics during Covid-19 pandemic, based on the findings of interview sessions conducted at nine randomly chosen secondary schools in Brunei Darussalam. The interview sessions were conducted to at least one Mathematics teacher from each school to find out various teaching methods and IT tools that the teachers used in their teachings. In addition, questionnaires on teaching methodology were also distributed to the participants. The participants were selected based on their teaching experiences of more than 10 years and they must have accurate knowledge of the subject, ability to bring the subject matter to the level of student understanding, self-confidence, ability of expression, knowledge of evolution techniques, ability in questioning and respect for students’ opinion (Vijayabarathi et al. in International Journal of Computing Algorithm 2:229–304, 2013). Based on the interview sessions and questionnaires, suitable creative & innovative online teaching methods to help improve the understanding of students in secondary school level mathematics during this Covid-19 pandemic will be determined.

Studies in Systems, Decision and Control