Author Correction: Native diversity buffers against severity of non-native tree invasions (Nature, (2023), 621, 7980, (773-781), 10.1038/s41586-023-06440-7)


Correction to: Nature Published online 23 August 2023 In the version of the article initially published, Stanislaw Miscicki’s name incorrectly appeared as Miscicki Stanislaw. Additionally, the affiliation for Thomas T. Ibanez has been updated to “AMAP, University of Montpellier, CIRAD, CNRS, INRAE, IRD, Montpellier, France”, and the second affiliation for Sharif A. Mukul has been updated to “Department of Environment and Development Studies, United International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh”. The corrections have been made to the HTML and PDF versions of the article.