Litterfall Production and Litter Decomposition Experiments: In Situ Datasets of Nutrient Fluxes in Two Bornean Lowland Rain Forests Associated with Acacia Invasion


It is increasingly recognized that invasion by alien plant species such as Acacia spp. can impact tropical forest ecosystems, although quantifications of nutrient fluxes for invaded lowland tropical rain forests in aseasonal climates remain understudied. This paper describes the methodology and presents data collected during a year-long study of litterfall production and leaf litter decomposition rates in two distinct tropical lowland forests in Borneo affected by Acacia invasion. The study is the first to present a comprehensive dataset on the impacts of invasive Acacia species on Bornean forests and can be further used for future research to assess the long-term impact of Acacia invasion in these forest ecosystems. Extensive studies of nutrient cycling processes in aseasonal tropical lowland rainforests occurring on different soil types remain limited. Therefore, this dataset improves understanding of nutrient cycling and ecosystem processes in tropical forests and can be utilized by the wider scientific community to examine ecosystem responses in tropical forests. Dataset: DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7528856. Dataset License: CC BY 4.0.