Chemical Sciences

Chemistry is the study of matter – everything we can see, touch, feel and everything that we cannot - from the distant stars to invisible atoms.

In a Chemistry major, you will study the structure, properties and interactions of the matter around us. Most importantly, you will learn laboratory skills – these include but are not limited to; how to measure chemicals in the environment, how to observe a chemical transformation and how to make useful materials such as pharmaceuticals. The Chemistry major prepares you to work as a chemist, or in other occupations in which a scientific background is required.

Students planning to take chemistry as a major should enjoy working with their hands, building scientific gadgets and performing experiments. Perseverance, curiosity, the ability to concentrate on details and to work independently are essential. With a low student to staff ratio and your own academic advisor, you will receive professional mentoring and be taught hands-on operation of modern scientific instrumentation.

There are three main degree programmes offered by the Chemical Sciences programme at FOS:

  1. BSc in Chemistry
  2. MSc in Chemistry (by research)
  3. PhD in Chemistry