The Geosciences department at our institution is dedicated to exploring and understanding the Earth, its materials, processes, and history. Our comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of topics, providing students with a deep insight into the various facets of the Earth sciences. The journey begins with Mineralogy and Petrology, where students learn about the nature and origin of minerals and rocks. This is complemented by Geochemistry, which delves into the chemical processes and compositions that shape our planet.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to become a Center of Excellence in Geosciences in Southeast Asia, in order to benefit humankind.

Our Mission:

  • To cultivate and disseminate fundamental knowledge of Earth, its resources and processes. To educate and motivate students to resolve geological and environmental challenges.
  • To produce world class professionals with global outreach, who will understand and live in harmony with planet Earth.
  • To produce high quality academic research with global impact.
  • To foster entrepreneurship and strong industry partnerships and deliver top quality research outcomes.
  • To share knowledge and expertise to benefit the country, the region and beyond through engaging and inspiring people in the fields of Geosciences.