Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Sciences is the cornerstone of all scientific inquiry and technological advancement. It’s a discipline that not only delves into the abstract beauty of numbers and shapes but also applies this knowledge to solve complex problems in various domains.

In a Mathematical Sciences major, you will explore a rich tapestry of mathematical areas, ranging from the elegance of Applied Mathematics and Differential Equations to the practicality of Statistical Modelling and Financial Mathematics. This program is designed to develop your analytical and problem-solving skills through a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and their real-world applications. You will engage with topics like Mathematical Modelling, which helps in interpreting the world around us, Computational Statistics, essential for data analysis in the digital age, and Operations Research, the art of decision-making in complex environments. Additionally, you will delve into the intricacies of Graph Theory, Linear Algebra, and Splines, unlocking the tools needed to address both theoretical and applied challenges.

Students who embark on this journey should have a keen analytical mind and a profound interest in uncovering the underlying mathematical principles that govern our world. Precision, logical reasoning, and a talent for abstract thinking are crucial. Our program offers a supportive and collaborative learning environment, with a focus on both individual growth and team-based projects. With access to experienced faculty and state-of-the-art resources, you will be well-equipped for careers in academia, research, finance, technology, and beyond, where sophisticated quantitative skills are in high demand.

Whether your passion lies in unraveling complex mathematical theories or applying these concepts to practical scenarios, a major in Mathematical Sciences provides a strong foundation for a future where numbers and logic open doors to endless possibilities.

There are three main degree programmes offered by the Mathematical Sciences programme at FOS:

  1. BSc in Mathematics
  2. MSc in Mathematics (by research)
  3. PhD in Mathematics